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Hog Heaven

by Ape School

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Hog Heaven, but it's on vinyl

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    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Hog Heaven, plus 2012's full length "Junior Violence" and 2012 7 inch "Marijuana's on the Phone" b/w "Blame Mark Griffey"

    Includes unlimited streaming of Hog Heaven via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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You’ve got a nice face You know the ratboy He told me all about you You know the ratboy too This ain’t such a bad place Squirrellin’ in the squirelly ocean He told me all about you You know the ratboy too All i have is memories and all you’ve got to do is raise a glass and keep the time Baby i’m too young to die. Maybe i’m too old for this? You got a nice face don’t you You’ll waddle anytime anywhere anyway Won’t you try to control the supply? Another curse to waddle through A brand new set of ears and eyes for you One thing to know about me, one thing that’s always true: Don’t wanna know about you
I refuse to say goodbye And you? You don’t have to breathe Despite the age you’re still the same Your face, your withered lips remain I refuse to say goodbye The faceless never saw, but i saw it Find your family Throw one back and watch the world burn Cause Saturdays are still gone, far as i can see Don’t get crazy now, lay back and watch the tide turn Despite the age you’re still the same to me I’m just watching the world burn
Refrigerate your food, drink a little water, don’t die on me. Be careful who you screw or you’re a heifer for the slaughter. Stay warm. The boy in the bubble never sees the switch Avoids all the typical pubescent trouble But where he eats, he shits All boys need to eat and breathe and shit sometimes In through the nose, out through the mouth, stay warm, don’t die
Mildly nihilistic, positively green Probly go to church and tell the white witch doctor what i seen Broken people, hear my call. I’m old as hell and i know all: you’re gonna die and so am i Wiring is fraying now, a nightmare every dream
I can’t say the words right, continuous mudslide The bathwater baby goes out the door and we’re not changing anything Come watch the halfwit sing Ensure they get your better side It’s easy man, but you gotta spend real time on evil shit like that Hardly gave ourselves a chance… Say cheese to grandma! “I’ll take two tickets to the fat boy dance"
Let’s just say I could say i know things turn out this way Ossuary afterparty, forty bucks on father’s day Let’s just say I could say I go ham on xmas day Less so, though, on easter sunday
I don’t wanna be a mashed potato anymore I don’t wanna join the team You and me watching the sunrise, let the little lady go Watching the morons form a line to polish their knobs until they shine More we regress the more we whine Only the best for us this time Only the best for us this time All of the rest should rot, that’s fine More of the less, a lack of spine Look what a mess we’ve made this time Only the best for us this time Watching the morons run our lines Pay me a dollar, get in line Swaddled in comfort, scum and slime Only the best for us this time
Dog Angry 04:09
Dad? They broke me and i don’t wanna play the favorite anymore Mad. Dog angry. Here comes the other shoe. Dad, I’m hungry. Don’t kick me out Reprogrammed. Ornery. Roll on. Vomit in the barley ocean, piss in river red with wine Drink freely of this magic potion Making friends with dread divine Stay home, Michael. Don’t go out today. Stay inside. Don’t go anywhere.
Make sure my head and face conspire. Ko ko ko kio, lucky for me though! The mess inside my head: uncomfortable feeling It bears repeating: uncomfortable feeling The things i’ve done or said, the meaning is fleeting Judging by the response i’ve had, the junkyard approach is misleading Hedon, heathen, an excellent mix of stoics and pricks But it makes the same difference: out with the old and in with the fix All meaningless. Most of your kids have seen porno by six.
It’s a pretty blurry line between awesome and bastard i’ve got a feeling you think i’m complaining, you obvious bastard I know you can touch the moon, but could you stand on a star? I don’t know if it’s possible. Is a star hard? Is it really hot?
Get’on up to a single line su la slide planté d’boute right’on them borders yes, we’re standing there peu fier c’est la human kind like poussière in a corner rain or shine Fred Astaire robots everywhere all the time c’est la guerre, this is war, c’est la guerre vas-tu ben falloir parce-qu’y-va falloir what can we be Do we all know there’s nothing there punch in punch out I don’t know I don’t know I only work here passe moé l’tape faut prendre les mesures see if the branch is straight building all kinds of structures rize’em up rize’em up get’on up le pif dinz’air in this small world of large creatures we’re all dinosaurs of the future so don’t brake bones just come on home you’re not alone and there’s nothing special about you coming around and around……. pas d’brake à bras pour la planète what goes up and down up and down…… Yeah there’s a future, you wanna bet


Hog Heaven is Ape School’s third proper full length release. After a decade of occasional blurts, a foghorn, into the void, bleats. (hoghorn)

While making “The Knees Start to Go” with Flanafi, I’d become infatuated with the shadowy reaches of murky half broken electronics. I began a self imposed and mostly tortuous fidelity experiment in late 2020, using mini cassette, 4 track, 8 track, field recorder, phone, and PCM recording. I began to sew them together to see what emerged. Much of it was looped, converted to MIDI, or mutilated wholesale. Garbage assemblage on no budget: milk of the sloppy. Vocals were completed with a 31khz Lexicon Jamman, all looped in 4-8 second increments. Hiss and buzz and resonance were all rubberized, pushed and pulled across the stereo field. A big old pile of hum.

The pile grew for a couple of years, then was carved into its final form over the course of 2022: a rubbery mass of rumpus and ruckus; a discount treatise on the toxicity of moral and psychological deformity, bought and sold, taught and told by a cackling 45 year old with half assed designs on claiming the title of “old man falsetto”.

An unsolvable puzzle. I think it's solved enough by now. A couple of pieces are missing, my bad.

I’m thankful for my superhuman friends, with contributors including Daedelus, Flanafi, JFNO (fet.nat), Sanche Ramirez (The Santo Casur), Tone Whitfield, and Cheeky. Each brings their own neuroses to the project, with the final track on the album featuring JFNO on main vocal, a hint at what comes next.

Honestly, at this point in my life, having created, researched and professed music for so long, I have a funny relationship with releasing albums. Relying on my own music to pay my own bills has never been an option, barring utter surrender to antithetical frameworks. I decided to do other things for money early on so I could continue to follow my winged, fanged muse deeper into the pits of my own psychedelic hell. I am not at the bottom of the pit yet, so I choose to keep diving. In the meantime, check out the curses conjured on the way down.

These will come fewer and further between, but they shall continue. There is a clear code to crack here. This isn’t a costume anymore, This definitely isn’t academic.


released June 22, 2023

Composed, performed, engineered, programmed, produced and exorcised by Michael Johnson

Track 2 - Johnson/Martinez
Track 4 - Johnson/Darlington
Track 11 - Johnson/NO

Tone Whitfield - Bass on 1
Simon Martinez - Bass, programming, vocals on 2. Guitar on 5 and 11
Alfred Darlington - Programming, piano on 4
SANCHE RAMIREZ - Guitar, piano, loops, percussion, boinks, donks, grunts on 8 and 11
Kaylee Sabatino - Piano on 8
Cynthia Johnson - Vocals on 10
JFNO - Vocals on 11
Olivier Fairfield - Engineering on 11

Mastered By James Plotkin

Cover drawn by Cassidy Mcginley with cheap CVS pens. Pure insanity.


all rights reserved



Ape School Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I make music. Some gets released on big labels. Some never gets released. This is my solo stuff. The first LP came out on Ninja Tune in 2009. The second retired itself and shan't exist. The third, "Junior Violence", Came out on Hometapes in 2012. I am getting older and angrier, & my audio regurgitation disease shows no signs of improvement. Tis an addiction. Hope you enjoy the noises that result. ... more

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